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Due on DECEMBER 11

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I need the first draft of my screenplay and a list of sources for my independent study. All I have for my film right now is a title and a logline. I’m still trying to work my way around the cliche of a nerd falling for the hot chick. I might pay a bit of homage to Pulp Fiction and have him walking toward some glowing thing and make the ending open-ended. I need a story first, though!!

ETA: Wait. Damn. WHAAAT.

December 11 is in two weeks. At the end of ICARE. How am I gonna hand stuff in?!


Out of the Closet: Exploring Sexuality in Film

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Independent Study

  1. Brokeback Mountain (USA, 2005)
  2. My Own Private Idaho (USA, 1991)*
  3. Milk (USA, 2008)
  4. Mysterious Skin (USA, 2004)
  5. Rent (USA, 2005)
  6. Y Tu Mamá También (Mexico, 2001)
  7. The Virgin Suicides (USA, 1999)*
  8. Billy Elliot (UK, 2000)
  9. Chasing Amy (USA, 1997)*
  10. Antes Que Anochezca (USA, 2000)*
  11. Heavenly Creatures (UK, 1994)*
  12. Monster (USA, 2003)*
  13. The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert (Australia, 1994)*
  14. The Sum of Us (Australia, 1994)*
  15. Breakfast on Pluto (UK, 2005)*
  16. My Beautiful Laundrette (UK, 1985)*
  17. Philadelphia (USA, 1993)*
  18. Yossi & Jagger (Israel,  2002)*

*Now I actually have to gain access to these movies.