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[How] will SLUMDOG’s Oscar sweep affect Indian cinema?

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Computer-ji, lock kiya-jaye!

And then Slumdog Millionaire wins Best Adapted Screenplay. Best Sound Mixing. Best Film Editing. Best Original Score. Best Original Song. Best Cinematography. Best Director.

Best Picture.

I’ve heard it several times, when people would express their amazement at how a “Bollywood” film was able to garner so many Academy Awards. Each time I would have to correct these people for their blissful ignorance: Slumdog Millionaire is NOT a Bollywood film. It was set in India and starred Indian actors, but the production staff in its majority is British. It was directed by Danny Boyle, a British director, and the executive producer was Christian Colson, also British. Besides, Slumdog doesn’t have the melodrama, or the musical numbers (for the most part, at least) and, of course, the conservative nature of Bollywood films: there’s a kiss scene.

So one could ask whether or not Slumdog‘s worldwide success could have an effect on the way that films are made in India. I can’t really tell, but I hope not. India is known for its unique film industry, and the traditional characteristics of Bollywood films have been present since the industry’s inception. Bollywood, in my opinion, is one of those key aspects of Indian culture, and I surely hope that a seemingly deviant film such as Slumdog Millionaire won’t change that.


Awards Ceremonies: Are they even necessary?

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Good grief.

Good grief.

In the spirit of recent awards ceremonies, especially Sunday night’s Academy Awards, I would like to answer a question that was presented to me on Wednesday morning: Are awards ceremonies necessary?

Honestly, I don’t think that such glamorous awards ceremonies are necessary at all. They are simply yet another chance for people who make a living by pretending to be other people to dress up in yet another outfit they can’t afford, pose for photographers and be admired by millions of people. I think that our generation, and even the generations before us, are far too obsessed with celebrity, and that in return celebrities are obsessed with themselves. All the glitz and glamour of these red-carpet events sometimes take away from what awards ceremonies are all about, which is recognising the achievements of individuals who have created excellent film masterpieces. I am in no way against the recognition of these individuals. I simply believe that the pre-awards shows are indulgent displays of consumerist individuals who are able to carry on with their normal, materialistic lives even at a time of economic recession.

Film4: A Website Review

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This entry is about the Film4 website, which was listed in the very long list of links on the ISM Film Blog.

Film4 is the film extension of the Channel 4 network, which I’m guessing is one of the top television networks in the United Kingdom. Channel 4 Film is similar to HBO in a sense that it shows films all day, and the company also produces films. The website features TV listings and film reviews as well as a section for trailers and clips from upcoming films. The reviews on the site are for films that are currently in cinemas, so it’s helpful for prospective film viewers who might need help choosing which film to watch on a lazy weekend.

The link for Film4 caught my attention for two reasons: one, because Film4 was listed as one of the producers during the opening credits of the multi-award nominated Slumdog Millionaire , my favourite film of the year so far. Also, an extension of the Channel 4 network, E4, produced my current favourite television show. I gotta hand it to the Brits, this one. Those Film4 people know their stuff.