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17 Again: Who says you’re only young once?

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After watching 17 Again, my opinions on Zac Efron changed forever.

In all honesty, the story of 17 Again is nowhere near rocket science. A former high school star finds himself in his late thirties and his life is falling apart, and all he wants is a chance to relive the good old days. And so, with a little bit of magic, he does. See, it’s simple. There’s no complicated twist, no plot shockers. But, at the same time, this film was no rotten tomato.

I believe that what really “made” this film was Zac Efron’s performance. Now, his name should be no stranger to any home that has heard of High School Musical or any of its sequels. Because of HSM fame Zac is known to most as Troy Bolton, and it’s probably no coincidence that his performance in HSM greatly affected his character in 17 Again. However, because this film is not under Disney, Zac Efron is able to sex it up a bit in this film. And it works. Everything works. His performance is spot-on, and I guess that his experience with playing the school’s star basketball player helped.

More than anything, 17 Again did a great job in showcasing Zac Efron’s talent as an actor and his great potential for future projects. He isn’t just another hot Disney triple-threat, and this film shows that and more: Zac is all that.


T2: Tenement 2

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A film review.

On April 11th I watched the film T2, Star Cinema’s latest horror film directed by Chito S. Roño. The film revolves around a Save an Orphan volunteer who, in the process of bringing an orphan back to Manila, discovers that the orphan is being followed by Engkantos, a supernatural creature in Filipino folklore.

Compared to past Filipino films that revolve around horror and the supernatural and/or play with special effects, I think that T2 is quite an outstanding accomplishment in Philippine cinema. I’ve seen a handful of poorly made “professional” films with clumsy editing, a rough story line and less-than-mediocre “special effects”. However, this film has a smooth flowing plot and displays an evident growth in terms of visual effects. T2 was able to receive an appropriate audience response of shock and entertainment, and I enjoyed it as well.