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Ten films to look forward to.

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102cTen films I have to see before the end of the year. All trailers can be found on, and, of course, YouTube.

  1. Sherlock Holmes. This one isn’t coming out until Christmas, but I’m sure that it will be worth the wait. This one will star Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law, so it’ll be a double treat for me. Happy Christmas!!
  2. Public Enemies. I’m not quite sure what this is about, but it’s supposed to be really good and Johnny Depp’s in it. This is one JD I have faith in. He’s one of my favourite actors, so I’m not gonna let this one slide.
  3. The Hangover. A film about a post-bachelor party gone wrong, this is supposed to be the funniest film of the summer. I’m not sure when it’s coming out in the Philippines, but the trailer is hilarious and I have to make sure I see it.
  4. Fame. This is a remake of the 80’s show. I think that it’s a more modern version, since reworking the film but keeping the time setting would be sort of redundant. I haven’t seen the original, but I’ll make sure I do before watching this.
  5. The Boat That Rocked. This one’s coming out in August and I’m excited. It’s supposed to be a trip, especially since it’s made by the same people who made Love Actually. Bill Nighy’s in it, too.
  6. The Soloist. Here’s another Robert Downey Jr. film. This already came out in the US a few last month, but I don’t think it’s been released in the Philippines yet. If it has, I’m gonna throw a fit.
  7. Up. This is supposed to be Pixar’s latest, I think, and it’s coming out this summer. The trailer is hilarious and the storyline is really unique and interesting.. everything that Pixar is about.
  8. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. I absolutely hate the producers for putting such a long delay on this one. As a Harry Potter fan I don’t think that this needs an explanation.
  9. Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian. I don’t think I’ll be able to see this in cinemas unless I nag my parents to the bone (but that might make things worse), but I heard that this one is funny as hell, so I’ll make sure I find a way to watch it somehow.
  10. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. My summer would be incomplete without this one.

Of course, there are other films that are on my watchlist: Bruno, Little AshesHow To Be, Adventureland and (I just found out about this about 60 seconds ago) The Final Destination aka the 4th film.

The year may be almost halfway done, but there’s still a lot in store in the film department.


“…And I’m here to recruit you.”

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This is a Milk post.

I would like to spend a few minutes of my Spring Break to talk about Gus Van Sant’s Academy Award-winning film, Milk. Milk is a film about the life of Harvey Milk, who is the first openly gay man to take public office. Sean Penn starred as the title character while his co-stars Emile Hirsch, Diego Luna, Josh Brolin and James Franco played real people who were significant in the last few years of Harvey Milk’s life. Although Milk only won two out of its eight Oscar nods, I do believe that this film deserved all its nominations. Milk had an outstanding screenplay which consisted of witty and effective dialogue and a plotline that was so historically and cinematically accurate that I could see the amount of hard work and research that Dustin Lance Black put into the film. The casting was spot-on and each actor playing a major role did so brilliantly. I know that a lot of people thought that Mickey Rourke deserved the Best Actor award, but from what I saw in Milk, Sean Penn deserved every bit of that golden man.

I think that Milk will definitely go down on my list of favourite films of all time. It was perfect.


Top 10: Films of 2008

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Top 10 Films of 2008

In light of recent “Top 10” film lists posted by various entertainment sites around the interwebs, I would like to post my own Top 10 list of films which came out in 2008, films that I enjoyed the most. In no particular order:

  1. Cloverfield
  2. Wall-E
  3. The Dark Knight
  4. 21
  5. Forgetting Sarah Marshall
  6. Iron Man
  7. Wanted
  8. Tropic Thunder
  9. Eagle Eye
  10. Twilight

Now, there were many other films which came out in 2008 that I still haven’t seen —The Wrestler, Quantum of Solace, Burn After Reading, The Spirit, Australia, Cadillac Records, Pride and Glory, The Rocker, The Wackness, Pineapple Express, Vicky Cristina Barcelona, The Other Boleyn Girl, Zack and Miri Make a Porno, Nick and Nora’s Infinite Playlist — and I’m looking forward to watching them some other time.

There were also, however, movies which I saw this year though I wish I didn’t — Meet the Spartans, The House Bunny, Jumper, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, The Love Guru, Hellboy II: The Golden Army, for example. Then again, that’s how things work. There are good movies and bad movies.

Next year, I’m really excited for Watchmen and Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince to come out more than anything else. In the meantime, I still have to watch Rushmore and A Cross the Universe.