I wish I had adamantium claws.

30 April 2009:

So I saw X-Men Origins: Wolverine on April 30th, which was the day it came out here in Manila. As a fan of the X-Men films, as well as Marvel films in general, it was almost mandatory for me to make sure that I saw this in the cinema. Wolverine takes us through a part of the title character’s life before the days when the X-Men films took place. We’re introduced to his relationship with his brother, Victor, who is also a mutant who is later known as Sabretooth. Consequently, there are also other mutants in Wolverine that don’t appear in the X-Men trilogy that, plot-wise, follows this Origins film, such as Gambit and Wade.

I found this film entertaining, definitely. It serves its purpose as an action film, and though it isn’t the greatest cinematic masterpiece in the world, there are parts of it that I found especially fantastic. For example, I absolutely adored the film’s opening credits, which show the brothers Logan and Victor as they live through various wars that take place during the 20th century. I admired how the editor played with time and space as well as the dimensions of the image. I also liked the transitions during a chase scene in the film where the point of view transitions from a surveillance camera to the actual film camera. It was a rather brilliantly made part of the film.

Three and a half stars for this one. Not the best Marvel Film out there, but I think that Wolverine was a great way to kick off 2009’s summer blockbuster season.


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