Awards Ceremonies: Are they even necessary?

Good grief.

Good grief.

In the spirit of recent awards ceremonies, especially Sunday night’s Academy Awards, I would like to answer a question that was presented to me on Wednesday morning: Are awards ceremonies necessary?

Honestly, I don’t think that such glamorous awards ceremonies are necessary at all. They are simply yet another chance for people who make a living by pretending to be other people to dress up in yet another outfit they can’t afford, pose for photographers and be admired by millions of people. I think that our generation, and even the generations before us, are far too obsessed with celebrity, and that in return celebrities are obsessed with themselves. All the glitz and glamour of these red-carpet events sometimes take away from what awards ceremonies are all about, which is recognising the achievements of individuals who have created excellent film masterpieces. I am in no way against the recognition of these individuals. I simply believe that the pre-awards shows are indulgent displays of consumerist individuals who are able to carry on with their normal, materialistic lives even at a time of economic recession.


2 Responses to “Awards Ceremonies: Are they even necessary?”

  1. amirsorial Says:

    I think award ceremonies for Film are definitely necessary. In this time of economic depression another few million dollars wasted won’t change anything, and its not a waste or anything. Its events to honor the work of all these people that are making great efforts at their jobs, so people like us can sit down and watch something called a movie. Its a way to honor success and appreciate what the people of film have given the world. The actors, the directors, the producers, the scriptwriters, even the key grips, and the extras. I strongly believe that these ceremonies should keep on going, its a tradition that should never die. Film isn’t just amusement explosions and bright lights. Film is a culture.

  2. I argue with you 100%. I think it is ridiculous how much money they spend on overpriced gowns and decor. Its all unnecessary! Especially considering the state that the economy is in right now. Every cent counts. Awards should be focused more on, as you said recognizing their achievements. But I bet, more people now what they wore to awards then what they won at the awards. This has been a tradition for many years, but when times are hard, some traditions need to change!

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