Film4: A Website Review

This entry is about the Film4 website, which was listed in the very long list of links on the ISM Film Blog.

Film4 is the film extension of the Channel 4 network, which I’m guessing is one of the top television networks in the United Kingdom. Channel 4 Film is similar to HBO in a sense that it shows films all day, and the company also produces films. The website features TV listings and film reviews as well as a section for trailers and clips from upcoming films. The reviews on the site are for films that are currently in cinemas, so it’s helpful for prospective film viewers who might need help choosing which film to watch on a lazy weekend.

The link for Film4 caught my attention for two reasons: one, because Film4 was listed as one of the producers during the opening credits of the multi-award nominated Slumdog Millionaire , my favourite film of the year so far. Also, an extension of the Channel 4 network, E4, produced my current favourite television show. I gotta hand it to the Brits, this one. Those Film4 people know their stuff.


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