This CHICK, Marla Singer, did NOT have testicular cancer.

Based on the cult novel by Chuck Palahniuk, FIGHT CLUB is a black comedy, set in the concrete jungle of anywhere and everywhere, which questions the value system and the people who follow it.

The scene begins with FIGHT CLUB’s anonymous, insomniac narrator in the arms of a big-breasted man during a testicular cancer support group session. He is calm, comfortable, this is his vacation.

Then, she enters the gym where the session takes place, interrupting the solemnity of these men who’ve lost their testicles. We are introduced to Marla Singer, a destitute woman who infiltrates the support group and disturbs the peace.

Marla did not have testicular cancer, but neither did the narrator. Her lie reflected his lie, and the narrator soon finds her at every other support group he attended.

The narrator, who relied on the support group meetings in order to vent his emotions and recover from his insomnia, is numb yet again. And so, he cannot sleep.


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